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Introducing the yalit100!

yalit100 yalit100 yalit100 yalit100 yalit100

Love YA lit? Love writing fic?  Love writing fic for YA lit and wondering why there doesn’t seem to be very much for most books?

Join the YAlit100 challenge!

  • You MAY claim more than one table at a time.
  • You MAY do crossovers, fusions, and AU fic! If you intend to write crossovers and/or fusions, claim the table for the MAIN WORK (so, for example, if you want to write 100 godly-parent-fusion fics, your claim would be “Percy Jackson,” unless all 100 fics would star characters from Anna and the French Kiss or something. SOME ASPECT of all 100 fics must be constant for the book/table you choose!)
  • Fics can be ANY LENGTH. You may write 3-sentence fics, drabbles, one-shots, six-word-ficfests, whatever. The whole point is just to encourage more YA lit fic! :)

So far, there are just the first few tables up, but I will be adding my usual amount of ALL THE YA BOOKS.  :P  Join and/or Watch the
comm on LJ for updates, and make sure to suggest any book(s) that you may think I’ll miss or that you want to see sooner!

Crossover (Mediator/Abandon) The Long Con

Author: binxabii
FandomMediator, Abandon
Story Title: The Long Con
Character/Relationships: Paul/Pierce, Pierce/John, Jesse/Suze, Father Dominic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for Abandon, Mediator. Swearing,
Wordcount: 2,55
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Mediator, Abandon, or anything that was clearly created by a mind more brilliant.

I know, I know. It was all my imagination. He isn't real. I'm just scared and scarred because of that experience so my brain conjures up these images. That's what the scientifically advanced doctors say anyway. The smart thing for me to do when I see him—as recommended by every doctor—is to count to ten, take deep breaths, and remind myself he's not real.

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1-800-Where-Are-You [VANISHED] #5: Missing You, Meg Cabot (Jenny Carroll)

This is the final set for Meg Cabot's 1-800-Where-R-You/Vanished series! All five books have been posted. :) Check the tags for any missed entries! If you have not read this series, I highly recommend it. It starts off with a bang, lags slightly in the second book, but then skyrockets to being one of Meg's most exciting series conclusions of all!

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