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Hi. Another community

Hi. My name is Brat. And this my Meg Cabot community. Join and we can talk about Meg and all of her books. If you'd like to, fill out this survey: (just take out my info in the brackets)

Name or nickname: [Brat]
Fav Meg Cabot book: [Darkest Hour]
Fav Meg Cabot series: [Mediator]
Fav Meg Cabot heroine: [Suze o' course!]
Fav Meg Cabot hottie: [Jesse o' course!]
How did U stumble upon Meg Cabot's books?: [I ordered The Princess Diaries from my school book order, and I've been hooked since]
How many MC books do U own?: [11]
Fav MC quote: ["He just doesn't know you," Jesse said. "I will introduce you." He picked up the cat and pointed him in my direction. "Cat," he said. "This is Susannah. Susannah, meet the cat."
"Spike," I said.
"I beg your pardon?"
"Spike. The cat's name is Spike."]
Do U want another MC book to be made into a movie after AAG?: [HELL NO!]

Queen Brat

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